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Information About Face Procedures

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A facelift is a popular cosmetic procedure that removes excess skin and tightens the existing tissue to create a smoother and softer profile.

A brow lift or browplasty is a cosmetic surgery that removes loose skin from the upper portion of the face or forehead for a rejuvenated look.

An eyelid lift or blepharoplasty strategically removes extra skin above and/or below the eyes to create a more youthful and awake appearance.

Earlobe repair surgery is performed to correct earlobe deformities that were caused by earrings, trauma, or birth defects to achieve a natural shape.

Neck lift surgery or platysmaplasty is performed to remove loose skin in the upper neck area to create a more defined and seamless-looking neckline.

Rhinoplasty or cosmetic nose surgery is designed to alter the size, shape, and projection of the nose to achieve a more symmetrical profile.

Revision rhinoplasty or secondary nose reshaping surgery is typically performed to correct or improve the results of a poorly done rhinoplasty.

A septoplasty is a nose procedure that addresses functional issues, such as a deviated septum, to improve breathing, airflow, and unwanted snoring.

Cosmetic mole and lesion removal utilize an advanced shaving technique to carefully eliminate unsightly moles or skin lesions from the body.

Chin augmentation is an aesthetic procedure that alters the shape and overall contour of the chin by shaving the bone or adding silicone implants.

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