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Information About Plastic Surgery Procedures

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A tummy tuck or abdominoplasty is commonly performed to remove excess skin and unwanted fat from the abdomen for a slimmer and leaner definition.

Liposuction is a cosmetic fat removal surgery that utilizes a special technique and handheld device to eliminate fat from specific areas on the body.

A mommy makeover combines several body contouring surgeries, such as a breast lift, tummy tuck, and thigh lift, to restore a pre-pregnancy physique.

Labiaplasty is a vaginal rejuvenation surgery that carefully reduces or reshapes the external lips of the vagina for a more pleasing appearance.

An arm lift is a cosmetic surgery that removes excess or loose hanging skin in the upper arm that could not be eliminated through diet and exercise.

A thigh lift or thighplasty is an aesthetic surgery that strategically removes unwanted skin from the inner and outer thigh area for a slimmer shape.

Breast augmentation uses silicone/saline implants or a fat transfer to enhance the size, shape, and projection of the breast for a fuller contour.

A breast lift or mastopexy uses a tightening technique to elevate the breast tissue to a higher position on the chest wall for a perky profile.

Breast augmentation with a lift utilizes implants and a mastopexy to obtain a fuller and more youthful breast contour for women of all ages.

Breast reduction surgery is commonly performed to remove excess breast tissue in overly large breasts to significantly reduce their size and shape.

Breast revision surgery removes or replaces silicone/saline implants due to functional or cosmetic reasons to obtain individualized aesthetic goals.

Breast reconstruction is performed to restore the bust after a patient has undergone breast removal surgery or a lumpectomy due to trauma or cancer.

Gynecomastia treatment is a cosmetic procedure that removes extra breast tissue in male patients who have swelled or feminine-looking breasts.

Inverted nipple repair is a simple cosmetic surgery that alters the size, shape, and projection of the nipples for a more pleasing appearance.

A facelift is a popular cosmetic procedure that removes excess skin and tightens the existing tissue to create a smoother and softer profile.

A brow lift or browplasty is a cosmetic surgery that removes loose skin from the upper portion of the face or forehead for a rejuvenated look.

An eyelid lift or blepharoplasty strategically removes extra skin above and/or below the eyes to create a more youthful and awake appearance.

Earlobe repair surgery is performed to correct earlobe deformities that were caused by earrings, trauma, or birth defects to achieve a natural shape.

Neck lift surgery or platysmaplasty is performed to remove loose skin in the upper neck area to create a more defined and seamless-looking neckline.

Rhinoplasty or cosmetic nose surgery is designed to alter the size, shape, and projection of the nose to achieve a more symmetrical profile.

Revision rhinoplasty or secondary nose reshaping surgery is typically performed to correct or improve the results of a poorly done rhinoplasty.

A septoplasty is a nose procedure that addresses functional issues, such as a deviated septum, to improve breathing, airflow, and unwanted snoring.

Cosmetic mole and lesion removal utilize an advanced shaving technique to carefully eliminate unsightly moles or skin lesions from the body.

Chin augmentation is an aesthetic procedure that alters the shape and overall contour of the chin by shaving the bone or adding silicone implants.

BOTOX Cosmetic is a dermal wrinkle relaxer that temporarily relaxes the underlying facial muscles to diminish the appearance of fine lines and folds.

Like BOTOX, Xeomin is an FDA-approved wrinkle relaxer that temporarily freezes the facial muscles to attain a softer and younger-looking contour.

Juvéderm is a collection of dermal fillers that address a wide variety of imperfections, such as lost volume, acne scars, and unsightly wrinkles.

By the makers of Juvéderm, Voluma is an injectable filler that consists of a hyaluronic acid-based formula that is designed to add volume to the face.

Restylane is a filler that is used to diminish the appearance of mild to severe facial lines and is also used to add volume to the cheeks and lips.

Radiesse is an FDA-approved dermal filler that is used to reduce the appearance of deep folds and wrinkles in men and women who desire a softer look.

Belotero Balance is an injectable wrinkle filler that significantly reduces the appearance of nasolabial folds and unsightly lines around the mouth.

Bellafill is an injectable that is made of polymethyl methacrylate microspheres to address skin imperfections, such as wrinkles and acne scars.

Sculptra is an injectable poly-L-lactic acid dermal treatment that is used to restore lost volume to the cheeks and reduce dynamic wrinkles.

A facial fat transfer uses liposuction to remove excess fat from one area of the body to transfer it to an area on the face that needs more volume.

PRP therapy is a nonsurgical treatment that uses a patient's own platelet-rich plasma to naturally stimulate collagen and elastin for healthier skin.

Microneedling with PRP utilizes both microscopic needles and platelet-rich plasma to rejuvenate the skin for an overall refreshed complexion.

RF microneedling uses advanced radiofrequency laser technology to target the deep layers of tired or dull-looking skin for a revitalized profile.

Chemical peels are dermal treatments that come in light, medium, or deep strengths to treat a variety of skin irregularities for men and women.

Female to male (FTM) top surgery removes breast tissue and excess skin to recontour the chest into a more masculine silhouette and appearance.

Breast augmentation can create a natural, feminine-like appearance during the male to female (MTF) surgery using silicone or saline breast implants.

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